Motor re-winding is common phenomenon

Friday, January 2, 2015

Motor re-winding is common phenomenon.

Fans, water pumps, workshops, factories, machineries, automobiles…. motors are used everywhere.

Poor quality of power, poor maintenance, over load, dust, heat, malfunction in relays, capacitors, and many more reasons cause motor damages…. and call for re-winding.

However, do we know what is the efficiency of the motor after re-winding?

Do we check?

What is the power consumption?

Do we compare before and after?

Any guess how many motors are re-wound in a day, in a city like, say Faridabad or Pune or Jalandhar…?

Can we guess how many motors are re-wound in the entire country?

In a preliminary survey that we conducted in a few factories which have been set up in the last 5 years with all new machines, we are astonished to find that 90% of the motors were repaired as 're-winding'. Almost 30% more than once. Just in a span of 5 years.

The loss to the entrepreneur is manifold.

Not just the down-time or re-winding cost…. but the gross inefficiency that creeps into the work place.

If re-wound incorrectly, the motor becomes energy/power guzzler and like a 'deemak' (white-ant), eats away the revenue and like a slow, hidden disease may grow like a cancer.

The loss to the nation is colossal.

To scientifically study and analyze the subject, Evaluate & Demonstrate the Economic Loss due to Re-winding of LT Motors and Propagate Best Practices of Motor Re-winding in SMEs, a team has been constituted to:

  • Understand and establish the reasons for motor failure therefore require rewinding;
  • Evaluate the efficiency loss occurring to the motor due to improper rewinding leading to higher operational costs; and
  • Current practices for O&M and Rewinding of motors

Faridabad cluster has been selected as there is wide application of motors and symbolizes larger number of representative cases. Also, the information gathered during detailed energy audit will come handy in the process.

The outcome of this study would result in:

  • A best practice guide book for:
    • Operation and Maintenance of motors for the end users, and
    • Rewinding practices and tips for technicians and motor rewinders
  • Audio Visual Documentary
    • a. To be used as awareness and capacity building material during various workshops.

I firmly believe that this study should help us arrive at some best-practices that can be shared by all users and also motor re-winders across India.

This one step should help us save losses worth millions, and also our environment.

We invite industries, entrepreneurs, maintenance engineers, electricians, operators and any one who can support this initiative by sharing experiences, data, ideas etc.

Let's work together!

Let's do it for ourselves and for our nation!


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