ERP by Entrepreneurs: IamSMERP

ERP by Entrepreneurs: IamSMERP

Entrepreneurs need to find new excuses for arriving home late!

Here's the fastest, easiest and the most flexible tool to manage business.

It makes business like a game you love to play and win every time!

For all SMEs across India.

  • It’s Smartest, fastest and friendliest
  • It’s just what MSMEs were looking for. 24X7, 360 degree management, control, auto-suggesting and decision making software.
  • And, just like a game….. Very simple to operate. Sorry… Play!
  • Period

IamSMEofIndia introduces an ERP software that enables you to command and control every aspect of your business operation and works automatically, when you relax! Months of hard work, tears and sweat bear results. We are ready with one of our best products to help all entrepreneurs. A tool that is so simple to use yet enhances efficiency manifold.

Our own ERP!

It is developed by entrepreneurs who experienced problems and pains themselves, and so decided to sit together to find and create their own solutions that are simple to use and do not cost much.

We tried and tested this in many units and kept improving until we got what we wanted, a genuine ERP, honestly created and developed for SMEs.

The best feature is that it integrates with any existing account(s)/ finance software that the unit is presently using.

Send your request.... Feel the Pride!

Integrated Association of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of India (IamSMEofIndia)

Email: +91-9711123111