Energy Efficiency Cluster

Opportunity for Manufacturing units :  FREE Energy Audit 
Awareness Session & Registration for Energy Audit: “Financing Energy Efficiency at MSMEs – Training of Energy Professionals”, funded by The World Bank for Faridabad Mixed Industry Cluster
Progress Report:
Till date, 240 Walk Through Audits have already been done, 35 Detailed Energy Audits have been conducted. Activities on implementation are going on at full throttle.

Be a part of the Project and benefit. ZERO Fee for MSMEs.

The objective of the project is to accelerate the adoption of Energy Efficient technologies and practices through knowledge sharing, capacity building and development of innovative financing mechanisms.

CII – AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness will conduct discussions/ workshops involving industrial associations, entrepreneurs and end users to share ratify their findings/ conclusions on the use of current technologies, average specific energy consumption, possibility of energy efficient technologies and barriers in the cluster. The centre will also conduct the energy audits and technology gap assessment studies of around 70 to 75 units and based on the findings and conduct Training Programs to impart training to Energy professionals in the cluster. It will provide information about the availability of Local Service Providers (fabricators, technology suppliers, technical consultants, financial analysts etc) who could undertake the design, supply, installation and maintenance of Energy Efficient technologies.

Benefits for Cluster Company

  1. Reduction in Energy Consumption – Electricity and Fuel Consumption
  2. Identification of technically and economically viable energy saving proposal
  3. Sharing of international case studies of technological interventions, financing mechanisms and best operating practices.
  4. Technical Training programs based on the latest EE technologies being used
  5. Interaction with the Technology suppliers, technical consultants and financial Institutes to help in the design, supply, installation, maintenance and financing of EE Technologies
Activities by CII – AVANTHA Centre for Competitiveness for SMEs
CII will review and compile the information from available literature, documents, energy audit reports, case studies, best industrial practices, etc. related to energy efficiency promotion in the Faridabad mixed industry cluster. Subsequently following activities shall be carried out:
  1. Energy consumption and technology gap assessment.
  2. Capacity Building
  3. Technical Training Programs / Workshops for the Energy Professionals in the Cluster based on the findings of the study
  4. Facilitation of Energy Efficiency project financing
Energy Use and Technology Analysis Methodology
Walk through energy audit of the plant would be carried out with the following procedure –
  1. Plant management has to name one senior person from the plant with the technical background, as coordinator. He has to coordinate for all Data Collection and for measurements wherever required.
  2. Technical experts will conduct a walk through audit for technology assessment.
  3. At the end of the walk through audit , all the findings of the study will be discussed with the plant operating, maintenance and senior executives, concerned for the their feedback.
We kindly invite you to take the advantage of this opportunity by participating in the awareness session and registering your plant for the Energy Audit of your plant. Please note there is no participation & energy audit fee.
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