Export Cluster


We, as entrepreneurs, dream of finding international markets for the Products that we manufacture.
However, many amongst us, have less resources or information or right manpower or reach to find buyers.
We often see that many of our member industries make good products but are unable to export, mostly because of ignorance.
How to export, whom to export, which country to export, how to quote, how ? what? When?
Small industries do not often have expert manpower to enable them start exports.

Realising the above challenges, we at Faridabad Small Industries association and IamSMEofIndia started a pilot Project.
Pilot project has been successfully completed. Our small team has achieved sales of USD$ 5000 per month consistently. The pilot was run by our Member, Rajat Bajaj.

We are now upscaling this project.
We are appointing Export and Marketing Managers and wish to soon establish IamSMEofIndia Export House.

Just give them your Sample, Product details, Price.
They'll find buyers, send competitive quotations after checking market prices, convince on quality requirements, negotiate prices, ensure proper payments.
In short, it shall be like your own Export Department.
Except that you'll not have to bear the cost of this.

This project shall cover its cost only on the basis of its performance.
You'll pay a small percentage only on the actual exports that you do. Simple.
No registration fee (For Early-birds).
No monthly fee.
No day-to-day operation costs.

Just give your product details, catalogue, minimum prices. Let these experts take these to various exhibitions across the world. Let them promote through various other portals and media. You bear no cost.

Only once the order is received and you actually supply, you will pay in either of the two modes:
1) Pre-decided percentage over the actual order/ exports, or
2) You supply at pre-decided price as per PO, let them sell at the price above that to cover costs

Write to :.
exports@iamsmeofindia.com or info@iamsmeofindia.com