Innovation Cluster

Steinbeis Germany, Chitkara University & IamSMEofIndia 
Showcasing Innovations!

i) PERFECT FACTORIES & SHOP-FLOORS- Planning & Designing

We invite Innovators, Automation Experts, Entrepreneurs & Mangers Planning to re-lay and reorganize their Factories, Architects engaged in Industrial Constructions, Plant Managers, Lean Consultants, Engineering innovators:

Steinbeis Workshop on Digital Manufacturing and Factory Layouts
Unveiling of CNC Coolant and Chip Collection System 
(Developed at Tod-Phod-Jod Centre for Innovations)

Joint effort of :
Aautosync – Steinbeis Centre for Innovations
Chitkara University and 
Steinbeis - IamSMEofIndia Centre for Technology and Innovation IamSMEofIndia.


i) Introduce the participants to the technology of digital manufacturing and factory layouts using various software and technologies. 

ii) The participants shall also be introduced to the various examples of the implementation of this technology on the shop floor.

iii) Focus on e-layouts of factories to showcase how we can reduce the time, effort and resources put in setting up of a factory by using digital tools which help understand floor plans, machine layouts and e-modelling of the factories. 

iv) This shall help entrepreneurs see ready 3-D models of their industries and enhance and improve designs before they actually go ahead and construct them.

v) Also, digital manufacturing of components / parts along the various analysis which could be conducted on the 3-D models to simulate various testing conditions before producing a single component. 

vi) This shall go a long way in help improving on the components and producing a zero-defect piece right from the first component churned out of the machines.

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