Lean Manufacturing Cluster

IamSME of India launches new Lean Manufacturing Clusters
supported by Govt. of India

80% of the cost is subsidized.
Balance 20% shall be shared by 7 members of the Cluster.
So pay only 3% and transform your unit to Lean, Profitable, sustainable and world class.

Starting in Faridabad, Palwal, Ajmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Jaipur, Bhiwadi, Gurgaon, Manesar, Bawal, Rewari, Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Rudrapur, Pant Nagar, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Howrah, Hooghly, Sonepat, Panipat, Ambala, Aurangabad, Nashik, Pune, Sholapur, Bhopal, Gwalior, Indore…. other areas as per demand of local industries.


We all have entered into the phase of extreme competitiveness. Today being competitive is not a choice, it is the only reason to stay in business and survive. Survival is the key. And the best way to be competitive is by achieving high levels of Productivity and Total Cost Management. Lean manufacturing makes our shopfoors free of wastages and losses, extremely productive, meaningful and can enthuse us all to take active interest in controlling costs and increasing productivity of our business. It results in great savings and monetary benefits to each one of us.

A leaner body runs faster.
Similarly, to stay ahead, our enterprises need to be leaner.

With time, inefficiencies grow in each and every business or work area. It is almost like adding Fat to our bodies over the years. We need to eliminate those inefficiencies/Fat from our business or work to make it 'LEAN', so that our business can run at fast pace. We have to strengthen Muscles and reduce fat.

Lean focuses on three things-
• Elimination of Waste and wasteful activities
• Add speed and
• Establish the flow

It evaluates the entire operations of business and restructures the same in order to reduce wasteful activities.

We are starting new Clusters by adopting and enrolling some units/factories/businesses where we'll work and train people over a period of 12- to 18 months to help them cut down their wastage and increase profits.

About the Cluster Program:
• The cluster program is for 18 months
• It will encompass training of employees of member companies, class room sessions, site visits, industry visits, sharing of case studies and much more.
• The program will run module wise and cover critical areas of a manufacturing industry.
• World class trainers, consultants will teach, guide, improve and help make the enterprise LEAN.
• One module will include 2 full day classroom trainings, and
• At the end of the full year program, the improvements and results would be measured in terms of Key Indicators.
• The Govt. of India offers 80% subsidy on the Consultant's Fee.

Way to go ahead:
Interested members who wish to join the cluster and benefit may please ask for registration form and send to info@iamsmeofindia.com