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Honest ERP Solution for MSMEs

Here's the Fastest, Easiest n the most Flexible tool to Manage Business
It makes Business like a game you love SMERPto play and win every time!
It’s fastest, friendliest, simplest.
It’s just what MSMEs were looking for…. 24X7, 360 degree Management, Control, Auto-suggesting and Decision making software.
And, just like a game….. Very, Very, Simple to operate…. Sorry… Play!
  • Integrates with existing Accounts software that the unit is presently using.
  • Understands commands and reports to the Management in time to take corrective actions.
  • No need to hire Specialists to implement and run.
  • No recurring costs month after month.
  • It’s NOT Cloud based.
  • Enjoyable and game like to play with.
  • Amazing service support to help you be prepared for any transaction, any currency, anywhere, Anytime.
So here it is! Best ERP Business Solutions for SMEs.
Developed, Created and Implemented by IamSMEofIndia.

  • It's addictive.
  • It'll save so much time for you; you'll need to find new excuses for arriving home late.

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