Astrology - Myth or Science

Apr 03 2015
3:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Express Sarovar Portico, Surajkund ( Followed by Dinner)

Everyone seems to have an opinion, whether someone has studied or experienced the same or not.

Many of these opinions are fairy rigid, almost like firm beliefs, on both sides of the fence, each calling the other sceptic, cynic or more!

When compared with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and other similar streams, Astrology sure falls short of being classified as Science.

However, when compared with Economics, Psychology, Meteorology, Climatology, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Stock/Oil/Gold/Inflation forecast and predictions, it may look equal or even more accurate than some of these.

Perhaps, the nearest equivalents to astrology are cooking or horticulture which are a mix of art, science and craft.

While no one rubbishes science in today's world, at least after Galileo (The Father of Modern Physics) who was imprisoned on charges of "Vehement suspicion of heresy", which, in fact, was his study that Earth Moves around the Sun, which challenged the then religious beliefs that Earth is the Centre of Universe. Science is becoming the Centre of Modern Society and present and future laws! It would be wrong to ignore it.

As such, it would also be equally wrong for a scientist who has not studied astrology, to consider him or herself qualified to judge such practices since they are outside the realm of science.

Let's hear from someone who has studied and practiced Astrology for over 3 decades.

We bring to you an intriguing Session on "Astrology- Myth or Science!"
Date: 3rd April 2015, Friday
Time: 3.00pm-7.30pm
Venue: Express Sarovar Portico, Surajkund
Followed by Dinner

Mr. Sandeep Shah, Renowned and Acclaimed Management Professional and Thinker who's studied Astrology and Applied Sciences over 3 decades. His talks, Interpretation, Derivates, Analysis and Research in this area give him an Outstanding Position as a Master Astrologer.

To compare the similarity and/or Differences between Astrology and Science with regards to career choice and talent; Profession for self and Children based upon the Nobel Prize Winning Concept & Theories on Brain Mapping, and Whole Brain working, Dr. Shankar Goenka, Country Head, Wow Factors Pvt. Ltd., internationally acclaimed Speaker and Authority on Whole Brain Functioning shall be present too.

Practical Examples from the Audience
Comparison and Predictions from the audience picked up on random basis

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