Workshop on Lean Manufacturing Practices

Nov 26 2015
Workshop on
"Lean Manufacturing Practices- 
How Manufacturing units can increase profits by reducing costs & wastages"
Let's learn how to increase our Profits even in the times of Rising Costs, by identifying and reducing wastage in our day-to-day operations and shop-floors

Organized by:
Quality Council of India and IamSMEofIndia

26th November 2015, Thursday
Time: 11.30 am
Venue: Hotel Delite, Neelam-Bata Road, NIT Faridabad 
Followed by Lunch


Who MUST attend: 
  • Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Directors, Owners of Manufacturing units who are keen to save and increase their profits in this time of increasing costs.
  • Units which have not yet joined any Lean Manufacturing Cluster or Business Improvement Program MUST ATTEND THIS SESSION.
  • Banks & Financial Institutions should send their clients and customers in manufacturing business to this Program.
  • Large Industries and Corporates can also ask their Vendors and supply chain Partners to join this exclusive and very meaningful session.
Lean Manufacturing has the power to Transform any small, stressed, low-profit business to fast forward, aggressive mode with guaranteed improvement in operations, work practices resulting in increase in Profits.

This special program shall surprise the participants and Entrepreneurs with real examples and case studies of other Manufacturing industries.

Units should also join the Special 18 month program where Super Specialists and Experts visit, train and work with these units individually as well as in groups, to improve their profits by bringing down the costs through waste identification and elimination.

Huge subsidy of 80% for this activity to help all micro, small and medium businesses engaged in manufacturing.

Reserve your seat by contacting:
Email : , Mob: 9711123111