Workshop on Debt Management and Restructuring in tough times

Jul 06 2016
3.00 pm -
Hotel Grand Delite, Faridabad
OPEN ONLY For Members of IamSMEofIndia, Special Invitees & Press 
Workshop on Debt Management & Restructuring in tough times!

How to manage Financial Stress?
How to avoid NPA Status?
How to manage business after NPA Status?
Debt management in tough times!

Over the last few months we're noticing growing financial stress that MSMEs are facing due to many reasons. Many SME accounts have been classified as NPAs. Banks that would, till some time back, easily grant TODs, are demanding immediate settlement of any outstanding and now taking very fast action to implement the guidelines laid by their managements & RBI and ensure recovery.

Its a tug of war... between small, often ignorant, not very financially literate entrepreneurs, with no alternate sources of funding on one hand and the strong legal teams that Banks and Financial Institutions carry on the other.


From most of the cases that have come to us for counselling, we find that the situation could have been avoided had these units received and followed timely advice. There was sure a way out.

In lieu of the above, we are organising a very important workshop covering the following critical points:
1. How to manage Financial Stress in turbulent times 
2. How SMEs can safeguard from becoming NPAs?
3. In unfortunate situation that SME become NPA, what are the immediate best options to stop things from getting bad to worse?
4. Debt Restructuring
5. SARFAESI, SICA and DRT proceedings
7. Payment Recovery
8. Due Diligence Before Buying / Leasing Property
9. Is there life after NPA? Facing your dark fears... Eat the frog!

Date: 6th July 2016, Wednesday 
Time: 3.00 pm 
Venue: Hotel Grand Delite, Faridabad 
Followed by hi-tea
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