Day1-Program for IamSMEofBangladesh and Building of New Chapters

Day 1:
1st February 2015
IamSMEofIndia Capacity Building Program (1-8 Feb)

Dear Team IamSME of Bangladesh and Leaders of IamSMEofIndia from Chapters across India,

Congratulations to all for joining this special seven days program fully sponsored by IamSMEofIndia.

I warmly welcome you to the City of Entrepreneurs, Faridabad, India.

Father of our Nation, Sh. Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi said,
“Live as if your were to die tomorrow. 
Learn as if you were to live forever”.

This quote remains immortal and relevant for us all. 

In these times of global connectivity and communication, distances have decreased and brought nations and its people closer to each other. 
The world has realized the power and contribution of SMEs to the growth of nation and prosperity of society at large. 
We at IamSMEofIndia believe in taking constructive steps in bridging SMEs across India and the world and facilitate business making it profitable and sustainable. 

Please note that you are here on a mission and so don’t miss a single session. The purpose of the visit is very important to strengthen SME2SME Cooperation and network, and so is the itinerary. It is expected that you'll follow timings & adhere to the dress code.

The detailed program itinerary has been placed in your rooms. Daily time table shall be circulated as well.

At the end of the Program, the participants will be required to submit a presentation on “Lessons learnt and future steps” which can cover the following topics:
a. Role of a Modern Business Association
b. Resource planning, Budget laying, Financial Sustainability
c. Choosing the projects
d. Communication strategy
e. How to use IamSME portal
f. New emerging areas of Cooperation and Value-addition

In case of emergency or any assistance call/contact any of the below:
1. Mr Aman Kumar: 09711101666
2. Mr Lekhraj Sharma : 09711123111
3. Mr Inderjeet Bhatia : 09871768887

India is a free democracy that has equal right and space for all religions and Treats everyone with equality. Enjoy your stay in India. You'll find it safe, smiling, happy and a nation of warm hospitality, love and support!

Today, 1st February 2015, is your first day here. Ms. Jaya Goyal, Chairperson of our Women Entrepreneurs Cell shall guide you and showcase the Surajkund International Crafts Fair. Enjoy, see, shop the best of the Indian Crafts!

I also look forward to having your company at the Reception Dinner hosted for you today at 7.00 pm.