Buy Domestic & international tickets

IamSMEofIndia launches a Special Service for its Members
on Domestic and International Ticketing.


Book and print Domestic as well as International Tickets, without paying immediately!

1. No immediate payment, No Credit Card , No Debit Card required.
2. Just log in using User Name and Password, fill destination, date, persons traveling, see all options of airlines, and pricing, select what is the most suitable..... and BOOK. 
3. Print your tickets
4. Low fares, all costs and taxes shown
4. Enjoy 15 days Interest-Free Credit on all your bookings. Book and travel now, pay later.
5. IamSMEofIndia shall set the credit limit from Rs.20,000 to Rs.5,00,000 or more, depending upon your Association with us and present status. 
6. Depending upon your usage and timely payments, the credit limits shall be reviewed/ increased/ revised
7. Enjoy the Service which is normally available only to large Multinationals and C

8. We'll be issuing User Name and Password to our Registered Members.

This is another First by IamSMEofIndia.

Bringing to you Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable, Ready-made Solutions so Small entrepreneurs save Time, Energy and Money!

Anything we buy, together we buy Cheaper, Better, Easier! 
Proud to say, IamSMEofIndia


For more details and request for User Name and Password, Contact:
Travel Desk- 
I am SME of India
FSIA Park, Opp. Plot No. 23, Sector 24, Faridabad- 121005 ; 
+91-9711123111 ; +91-9711101666