INAUGURATION of IamSMEofBangladesh, 29 July 2015, Radisson Blu, Dhaka

What a Moment it is ....!

A Moment of Pride, of Achievement of Sharing and Bonding, a Moment of New Beginning and Celebration and perhaps the Most Important, a Moment of assuming Newer and Very Serious Responsibilities!

It is indeed a matter of privilege for all of us at IamSMEofIndia to be invited by Bangladesh for the second time.  And there couldn’t have been a better reason and occasion for us also, than to be at Dhaka to witness the launch of IamSMEofBangladesh. 

IamSMEofBangladesh ... Wow!     Sounds so  pleasant to ears.  It’s a dream that we saw together sometime back ... A mission that we set for ourselves ....  A journey that we embarked upon.  The Dream has Come True ... The Mission has been Achieved .... But the Journey ? .... The Journey Continues!    In fact, it’s now starting in real sense, if I may say. 

This is a new phase in the history, which is going to inspire thousands of entrepreneurs on either sides of the border of two beautiful countries of South East Asia.  Each member of IamSMEofBangladesh and, each and every individual, department and organization that has been directly or indirectly instrumental in making this happen, has every reason and right to be proud of.

Above: Founder Directors of IamSMEofBangladesh
It’s also the beginning of a new era for MSMEs in both great nations and I am sure this relationship will create new avenues for millions of entrepreneurs in both countries to grow and develop business and entrepreneurial opportunities.  We are making an indelible mark in time that our future generations will be thankful for.
In this visit, we are a Team of 18 SMEs, Businesspersons, Professionals and Leaders, each one a Specialist in his or her field, each one committed to the cause of Small Businesses, each one  willing to share best practices, growth stories and share our Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable and Readymade solutions with the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh and India and the world.   Our team members will also share their experiences to build sustainable business models, and grow systematically by building capacity of available human resources, embracing modern technology, creating cluster approach to gain more and adopt best management practices towards business growth.  We are committed to work with Team IamSMEofBangladesh as a team to explore opportunities and create a sustainable platform and partnership for SME2SME Cooperation.

Once again, I convey my heartiest congratulations to the entire team of IamSMEofBangladesh for its grand launch event on 29th July 2015 and our special thanks  for inviting us to share your success and joy on this historical occasion.

I’m sure, together we will make each other and the whole SME world proud!
Rajiv Chawla
Chairman, IamSMEofIndia

18 Member delegation joining from IamSMEofIndia:

1. Rajiv Chawla, Chairman, IamSMEofIndia
2. Gurmeet Singh Kular (Head IamSMEofIndia-Punjab and President FICO), 
3. Sh. Ram Narain Singh (Head, IamSMEofIndia- Rajasthan and President, Bhiwadi Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
4. Manjinder Singh Sachdeva General Secretary FICO, 
5. Jaya Goyal Chairperson Women Entrepreneurs Cell IamSMEofIndia,
6.  Vinod K. Pandita PMC Consulting P Ltd, 
7. Amit Aggarwal- Priyanshu Agromech
8. Deepak Gaur, Aapek Technologies, 
9. Ashish Malik Head IT Cell IamSMEofIndia, iBox Technologies & Modwrap
10. Shankar Goenka- Wow Factors; 
11. Dinesh Sharma, One Impression, 
12. Ms. Roohi, 
13. Ms. Vinita, 
14. Sauvik Sabui- Pagoda Engg, 
15. Ms. Anita Sabui, 
16. Ajay Garg- Corporate Law & Company Secretary and 17. Sangeet Gupta, CA & Financial Consultant
18. Madan Chawla, COO, IamSMEofIndia