Launching of Mobile App for CPGRAMS

C.No.IV(16)Hqrs.Tech/FBD-1/Trade Notice/01/2015-16/7351 dated 29.03.2016 Trade Notice No.12/2015-16 

Sub: Launching of Mobile App for CPGRAMS

The Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances has created a Mobile App for CPGRAMS for lodging of Public Grievances on CPGRAMS Portal which can be installed on Android based mobiles. 

The App provides the citizens with the flexibility to lodge their complaints anytime and anywhere. 

Overview: CPGRAMS is an online web-enabled application that facilitates/provides the following:- 

1.Online lodging and status tracking of grievances by citizens 

2.Lodging of grievances received locally by post including the facility to electronically store the complaint as a scanned document. 

3.Online forwarding of grievances to sub-ordinate offices 

4.Electronic(online)dispatch of Action Taken Reports (ATRs) by various ministries/ departments. 

5.Query on the status of any of the Registered Grievances. 

6.Forwarding of reminders/clarifications for the grievances lodged earlier. 


The objective of CPGRAMS is to facilitate speedy redress through effective and efficient monitoring of grievances by various Ministries/Departments/ Government Organisations including the nodal agencies. 

Features of CPGRAMS:  

• An integrated application, enabling the Public Grievance Officer (PGO's) to register the grievances received by Post/Hand and also to monitor the grievances received from the nodal agency/higher authority online. 

• Facilitates an automatic system generated unique registration number upon the online submission of a grievance by a citizen, which can be used for future reference 

• Can be accessed by all stake holders through a PC using an internet connection and an internet browser. 

• CPGRAMS .provides information online to the PGO of the concerned Ministry/ Department/Government organization on all cases as and when they are forwarded to him/her. 

• A feature to attach any electronic grievance details/related documents, which can be seen at all levels wherever the grievances is forwarded to. 

• CPGRAMS helps generate need-based monitoring and query reports for effective monitoring of pending grievances at various levels. 

• The system is flexible enough to be extended to multiple levels below as per the requirement of the concerned for speedy forwarding and redress of grievance. 

• SMS/E-mail alerts to citizens and PGO's are enabled at various stages. 

• Senior Officers Dashboard has been made available. 

Steps to install the mobile App: 

• Log on to http.//,in  

• Capture the QR Code using the QR Code Reader 

• Download the App through the captured link • Install the app in your Android mobile • Open the App after installation