IamSMEofIndia is upscaling IamSMEofIndia ReDe Centre.
The Centre is developing various Technology based Solutions for Entrepreneurs across the globe. It is furiously working on many Projects based on Technology which should be game-changers of the World of Entrepreneurs!
The Centre is also handholding a few start-ups and helping them establish E-Commerce Ventures providing end-to-end 360 degree Solutions.

Partnership and Crowdfunding/ Investment Opportunities:
We invite Investors, Partners (Institutional, Corporates, Mid-corporates, SMEs, Individuals) to jointly work with us to upscale/ commercialize our very innovative solutions for mass-scale and larger markets across the globe.

It's not just the Monetary Resources that we are looking for. 
It's the will to make it big, create super success stories, changing the gears and the way solutions could be found and, of course, create wealth..... for everyone, forever!

We need People, Partners, Institutions with passion and commitment and very Professional approach.

Join us as full-time Team-mates, Partners, Joint Ventures, Collaborations.... even buy-outs/ sell-outs!

Write to us at: chairman@iamsmeofindia.com

Join the Movement... Feel the Pride!
Proud to say, I am SME of India"