Rajiv Chawla- 23 Glorious Years of Service to Faridabad Small Industries Association


23 years and beyond...

It takes 9months for a new born to see the light of this world..
It takes couple of years for him to speak the first words, walk on his own..
It takes a decade and above for him to usher his teens..
And in 23 years he becomes a young, budding man beaming with dreams in his eyes and ready to take on the world..
23 years is what it takes an individual to evolve, grow and flourish..
23 years is what it takes a family to settle down and take a leap of a generation..
23 years is what it took our nation to liberalize its economy and take a shape what we see today..
23 years is what it took the world to forget the era of cold war and become a better place to live in..
And 23 years is what it took a young, dynamic 29 year old man called Rajive Chawla to dream and deliver, better and progressive times to the SME fraternity not only in Faridabad but to this nation and beyond the borders of this nation..
And 23 years is what it took to reinventing the ideology of a local association and turn it into an international organization. 
If you would have been wise/unwise like most of us spending all your energies into your own enterprise and business, then for sure you could have created a multimillion empire running into several countries and in billions. If you would have had the way like many others dream of, you could have fetched a lucrative political career. You chose to be working for the fraternity around you, you chose to work for this community, you chose the thankless and difficult terrain often doing things in your stride. I bet not many have the guts to deal with their lives the way you spent last 23 GLORIOUS years. I know you must be proud of what you did, we all are very proud of it.    
So if 23 years is a time so valuable where someone has put his sweat and blood in shaping up the world of SMEs, it needs to be seen, realized, appreciated and to be emulated. 23 years is what people call it a lifetime but what if someone puts in energies, work and dedication of 10 lifetimes all into one lifetime, it is incredible, unparalleled and amazing to say the least..
I know what it takes for a person to be humble and carry his humility on his shoulders all the time. Bhaiya you have floored most of us with your thoughts, your vision and your actions. You did that once again yesterday at FSIA with all your humility and grace that you carry. I know it was an emotional moment for you who has devoted more than a lifetime for the betterment of the world of SMEs. 
Probably many could never understand this transformation of FSIA from a District level Association to IamSMEofIndia, the turning point that will be etched in the history for what level of engagement an organization can play and roles and services an organization can deliver to its members. But then, not many could even understand what the legendary and revolutionary Subhash Chandra Bose did in those times and many of his supreme sacrifice stories for India lie wrapped in stores. It is only now that the world shall re-read all that he stood for and did in his lifetime because it’s an inspiration and pride for every citizen of India.
Oct 2015 has been 20 years of my shifting to Faridabad and starting a micro enterprise. I am happy and satisfied to land up in this city and most important come in touch with you over a cup of tea. And that Chai pe mulakat with Rajiv Chawla 20 years back and beyond turned into a life changing experience for me, personally as well as professionally. I am proud of living my life during your lifetime and it will remain so whatsoever time will offer.
I don’t care what others have to say or Not to say for what you are and what you did, I know for sure that no awards or rewards, no tribute or felicitation would be grand and enough to recognize your contribution. 
You have spent every moment of your life whether up or down, as a celebration and this time too with your ever favorite lines….”Ladies and gentlemen….Party to banti hai..” and so we party soon..in India, in US and in Germany
Love and regards,
Rahat A Bhatia
Joint Secretary, FSIA
Raga Engineers



Dear Rajiv Chawla,

It's abundantly clear you have been a Don Bradman of FSIA! You not only put huge score and centuries on the FSIA scoreboard but also beat and set several new records. 

While there is no dearth of your ardent admirers, understandably many must have been hugely jealous of your enviable record too. It's a totally different matter that getting your wicket was beyond their reach or ken. 

No wonder, you are bidding adios to FSIA as a Not Out champion. 

Your voluntary decision to call it a day at the pinnacle of your glory at FSIA is a brave and laudable move indeed. Filling the vacuum you leave behind will be really hard both for your friends and foes alike. That speaks volumes of your true success and real appeal. Therein lies the everlasting charm of a hard to match champ. 

Trailblazers and Don Bradmans like you never retire, they just walk away at the pinnacle of glory, leaving behind a trail of unbeatable records and perennial inspiration for generations to come. Cheers! Kudos!

-Salil Kumar Uppal