You’ve seen and read the success stories of many e-commerce and dot com companies.
Can you name some?,…… Many more!
Have you ever wished to...
?#‎Start? your own ?#‎ECommerce? Platform?
?#‎Sell? your Products to the world on your own Portal?

Ever thought of starting exclusive E-Commerce Platform for:
?#‎Home? & ?#‎Kitchen? ?#‎Appliances? or
?#‎Cosmetics? & ?#‎Toiletries? or
?#‎Spices? & ?#‎Groceries? or
?#‎Furniture? & ?#‎Furnishings? or
?#‎Garments? & ?#‎Apparels?
?#‎Fashion? ?#‎Wear??#‎Kidswear??#‎Women? & ?#‎Menzwear?
?#‎Shoes? & ?#‎Footwear? or
?#‎Fire? & ?#‎Safety? ?#‎Equipments?
?#‎Construction? ?#‎Material?
?#‎Lighting? & ?#‎Fittings? or
?#‎Auto? Parts or
Any other range, from ?#‎Consumer? durables to #FMCG to Home to Industrial to .... 
Just about Anything!

If yes, do you know the preparations you need to do?


Some preparations are What every Business needs, whether in E sphere or else:
Tie-ups with Suppliers/ Manufacturers, Dealerships and Distributorships etc., back-end support and service etc.


Two Specials requirements for E-world would be:
1. Creation of E-commerce/ IT/ Technology Platform, Payment Gateway Integration with Apps, Promotion and more....
2. Logistics & Packaging

It would take immense time, resources and money to create a modern, sustainable, responsive, integrated, safe platform complete with Payment Gateway integration and Apps!

We understand that in many cases, it is simply the enormity of this work, time required and lack of resources that diffuse our dreams and deter many of us from going in with confidence.

What if we give you a Ready-made Solution for Level-II?
A complete E-commerce platform that’s ready to load, integrate with Payment gateways, and ready to launch with MOBILE APP for easier access!

That’s just what we have ready for our members.
And it's raring to go!

And the cost….. ?

Sounds Unbelievable. Can’t be true! 
Of Course, that's what many would say.

So while others do research and find answers and reasons for why we’re offering at *ZERO COST. FREE what otherwise would cost a whole world, some of you can start your own E-Commerce business in two weeks flat. 
Yes, that’s just 14 days from the date you decide & finalize Level-I.

That’s the miracle called IamSMEofIndia….
Bringing to you Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable, Ready-made Solutions!
Absolutely READYMADE for you!
So that YOU can save your Time, Energy and Money!

*Zero Cost, Free is for:

1. Members of IamSMEofIndia three or more years
2. Members of our Lean Clusters, Export Clusters and other Specialized Clusters
3. Only the actual Cost of Training, Implementation, Customization, Integration for Technically Skilled Trainers on the basis of number of days (7-14 days) shall be payable
4. Limited Offer

Looking at the limited number of Technically Trained Manpower that we have in our Technology Cell to do the requisite activities, we intend to take up and hand-hold only 3 projects each month to begin with. Selection shall be on the basis of Feasibility Study by our Team and your preparedness & readiness.

What’re you waiting for now!
It’s a miraculous moment!
Brought to you, yet again, by IamSMEofIndia!
Join the Movement! Feel the Pride!

E-commerce Cell- I am SME of India