Special Scholarship And Grant Available


Special Scholarship/ Grant for students, researchers, academics and administrative staff to obtain qualifications and/or experience in the European Union.

The Program aims to enhance cooperation in training and research, promoting exchange of students and researchers from India to the European Union.

Target is to promote 140 flows of students and staff (from India to the European Country) in 11 Universities in Europe (Spain, Ireland, Poland, Germany, Lithuania, France, Greece, Slovenia, Portugal)

Total Number of Seats=140
Undergraduates- 26 ; Masters- 38 ; Doctorates- 36 ; Post-doctorates- 12 ; Staff- 28


Candidates belonging to one of the following target groups can be selected for grant:

Group 1: Students and Academic Staff registered in one of the partner universities belonging to the consortium. Undergraduate students must have successfully completed at least one year of studies in their home institution;

Group 2: students need either to be registered in or to have obtained a university degree or equivalent from a HEI in India (not included in the partnership)

Group 3: Nationals of India in a particularly vulnerable situation due to social or political reasons as specified

Amount of the grant includes travel and insurance costs
Plus Monthly Allowance of:
1000€ (Approx.Rs 72,500) for Undergraduate and Master
1.500€ (Approx. Rs.1,10,000) for Doctorate
1.800€ (Approx.Rs 1,30,000) for Post-doctorate
2.500€ (Approx. Rs.1,82,000) for Academic Staff


Undergraduate: 6 and 10 months
Master: 6, 10, 18 months
Doctorate: 12, 22, 33 months
Post doctorate: 6, 10 months
Academic Staff: 1 month

Priority Study Areas

Fields of study for this project: Agricultural Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Medical Sciences, Natural Sciences.
The fields of study for Staff candidates is multidisciplinary.

LAST DATE TO APPLY: 7th January 2016

For More Details, write to:

IamSMEofIndia Centre for Training, Education, Employment & Entrepreneurship
Plot No.66, Sector 27-A, Faridabad