Achievements at a Glance

What a year 2014 has been for us at IamSMEofIndia!

Full of Projects, Initiatives, New Launches, New Services, New MoUs...!
Chapters across India and move towards our first International Chapter at Bangladesh!

So many activities, at such a remarkable speed, that it's quite a huge task to even count, draft Minutes, keep records!

Above all, lot of this has been achieved through Team-Work.
And that’s why it is all the more accomplishing.
And in terms of results, extremely successful.

Quick recap on what we, at IamSMEofIndia, initiated in 2014:
1. Our National Series, “Transforming GEMS to ORNAMENTS” saw it's second run. Ludhiana, Kolkata, Coimbatore, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, Jalandhar we covered. 
We specially focussed on New-age Business Risks, Managing Profits in turbulent times, Innovative and Alternative Finance.... more!

2. We initiated more than 12 Lean Manufacturing Clusters in various cities... Indore, Faridabad, Ludhiana, Jallandhar, Gurgaon, Noida. This is shall be a fantastic journey towards Business Excellence for 100+ SMEs who've joined these Clusters. The Govt. is subsidizing up to 80% of the cost of these Clusters.

3. We were invited to Bangladesh by consortium of Banks and Institutions to share our best practices and showcase the role SME Associations can play for growth and development of SMEs.
The tour resulted in 4 MoUs between IamSMEofIndia and IDEB, Dhaka Chamber of Commerce & Industies, Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh and Daffodil University.
The visit also culminated in decision to set up IamSMEofBangladesh.
IamSMEofIndia has invited 16 delegates from Bangladesh for SME2SME Cooperation 1st-8th February 2015. We'll be Training the delegates and also arrange b2b meetings between India and Bangladesh SMEs.
IamSMEofIndia is hosting this program.

4. We adopted almost 50 Engineering Students, Trained them in various areas, arranged practical training of 4-6 months as Appreciates and 100% placed these Engineers.
As the year ends, we've just signed MOUs with 2 Engineering Colleges and shall be adopting 100+ Engineers for Training, Apprenticeship and Assured Placement.
We call this project: Industry Integrated Training & Placement Program for Engineers (IITPP)

5. International Trainings: 
a) Germany: Many of our Members were selected for 4-week 100% Sponsored Training at Germany. Almost 6-7 batches are selected with 20 each. The Program continues and we hope that many more shall undergo this Training in 2015

b) Taiwan: 3 Members were selected for 100% Sponsored Training on Advanced Technologies and Business Practices for SMEs

c) USA: 14 Entrepreneurs participated in delegation to USA in November 2014. Rs.10 lacs is the subsidy/support to this program

d) Automechanika Germany: Rs.12 lacs support subdidy has been granted for this program that took place in September 2014. Many entrepreneurs availed of this benefit.

South-Africa: 15-21 January 2015
Germany: 11-19 April 2015

6. We progressed in our very ambitious Project called the IMT Faridabad Navigators. It is focussing on the "Collective Sourcing and Construction of Industries at IMT Faridabad" under one umbrella.
Future is all yours…
This project should energise our core manufacturing areas, bring in world-class green buildings, low-cost automations, modern Technologies… more!

7. IT MAHA-ABHIYAAN: We completed Training and Summer Projects of the first batch of B.Tech (Innovations) students of Delhi University.

8. Women Entrepreneurs Cell had it’s share of events, trainings, programmes.

9. We identified and helped develop a fantastic ERP most suitable for SMEs with our IT Partner. 18 units implemented in 2014.
I see 2014 as the year of mass scale implementation.

9. Credit Facilitation Cell:
Credit Facilitation Cell helped more than 50 Entrepreneurs through Credit Facilitation and Credit Counseling and arranged Credit worth more than Rs.120 crore.
It also helped many Entrepreneurs swap loans from higher rates to lower rates through Credit Counseling. In a particular case, our Member shifted loan of Rs. 3.50 crore from 15.25% to 10%, remarkable annual saving of Rs.18.37 lacs. In another case, Rs.4.0 crore loan brought down by 2.5% resulting in saving of Rs.10.0 lacs, year after year. There are many such instances of savings, counseling, building the financials and preparing our SME Members for future growth and expansion.

Our MOU with SIDBI has completed SIX YEARS successfully and remains ZERO NPA till date. The term of MOU is through and we await further course of action.

Our present MOU with Federal Bank is in place and we offer Credit facilities to Entrepreneurs across India without any upper limit.

IamSMEofIndia has further build up a Risk Fund and is entering into arrangement with Financial Institution to offer "Interest-Free and Collateral-free Short Term Loans Up to Rs.10 lacs" to our Members. IamSMEofIndia shall stand as Guarantor under the arrangement.
Thanks to all for your Support and Association with us and the Confidence that each stakeholder imposed on us.
Expect more from us!
Our 2015 target for Credit Facilitation Cell is Rs.250 crore. I hope that leaders of this Project shall serve the SMEs in this direction.

Entrepreneurs Facilitation Center did regular work in 2014 and helped hundreds of Entrepreneurs with their Queries, Right Advice, MORE....

11. Tod-Phod-Jod Innovation Center: completed its first phase successfully. We run it jointly with Steinbeis Germany. We initiated following Focussed Programs in Clusters:
i) Rubber Cluster
ii) Plastic Cluster
iii) Exports Cluster
iv) Surface Treatment & Coatings Cluster
v) Automation

In 2015, we'll be launching our full fledged One-Stop Automation Centre under this Project.

SITi is a role model Center for Technology Scouting, Technology Exchange, Match-making, Partnerships, Innovation and R&D.

12. Payment Recovery: We started a Special Cell to help our members recover Payments in least time and with minimum hassles. Our committed Team of Lawyers and Professions have helped almost 18 SMEs recover almost Rs.90 lacs. Another 4.5 crores are in the process and this activity shall continue.

13. BOSCH Solar and IamSMEofIndia signed MOU to help Industries and Institutions get the Right Solar Technology, Right Advice at Right Pricing.

14. Trainings: Almost 28 Training Programmes were organized in 2014 on Financial Literacy, Exports, Payment Recovery, New Company Bill, Developing Second Line of Command in Business, Mould Designing, Energy Efficiency, Bar-Coding, Power of Mind,

15. Large Meetings and Functions:
i) Felicitation & Interaction with Sh. Krishan Pal Gujjar, Union Minister of State for Social Welfare and MP from Faridabad.
ii) Interaction Meeting with Sh. Vipul Goyal, MLA Old Faridabad
iii) Interaction Meeting with Ms. Seema Trikha, MLA Badkhal, Faridabad 
iv) Interaction Meeting with Sh. Devinder Singh, IAS, Principal Secretary Industries & Commerce, Haryana 
v) MSME Registration Camp
vi) Round-table on New Labour Law for SMEs
vii) Round Table on New Business Risks & Company Law 
viii) 2-day Marketing Conference at DAV Centenary College
ix) 9 Awareness Programmes on Lean Manufacturing, Quality Tools & Techniques
x) Green Buildings, Advanced Technologies

16. The Energy Efficiency project supported by The World Bank, SIDBI and BEE has been, as I look back, our best implemented project in 2011-14. IamSMEofIndia was the Key Partner and worked with established names like DESL, PwC, CII, FICCI and others.

This Project Trained almost 3000+ Professionals from 1500+ SMEs. 
Walk Through Energy Audits were conducted in almost 600+ units. 
Detailed Energy Audits have been completed in 400 units.
In the final phase this year, a major incentive is been given to all units where Detailed Energy Audit has been completed. To encourage these units implement the recommendations of the Report.
Financial Grant up to 20%, up to Rs.10 lacs is being given to each unit if they complete implementation within 3 months.

17. MOU With Calibration Lab for discounts and savings for our Members

18. 15 Day Interest-free Credit on all Travel Bookings for IamSMEofIndia Members

Thanks to each and every Project Partner for their committed work which resulted in stupendous success. As hard of the Cluster Coordination Committee, it was an honor to work with the best.
We'll sure take this activity to new heights in 2015 and make it permanent and sustainable.