New Services for all Members of IamSMEofIndia

Used Machines
Spare Equipments

Industrial Sheds, Land


BUY-SELL Used Machines, Tools and Industrial Equipments, Industrial Plots and Sheds .... anything in Faridabad-Gurgaon-Noida Industrial Cluster 

There are many spare Machines, Used and unused, spare tools, Equipments etc. lying waste and unutilized in an industry.

Money as well as Space remains blocked.

Such Equipments keeps getting rusted and get depreciated further.

Often, it is difficult to find right buyer to pay the right price.
Sometimes, such items end up either stolen (Out of sight, out of mind) or sold at peanut prices to Scrap Dealers.


On the other hand, there are many Entrepreneurs looking and searching for used Machines and Equipments. They just don't know whom to contact.

Many genuine buyers, start-ups contact us and we are not sure how to guide them to genuine sellers.


We have received suggestions from lot of our members that we should start a BUY-SELL-RENT Service at our Association office where our Members can give a list of Equipments, Machinery etc. even Industrial Plots, Sheds that they wish to sell or rent out.

This would help those looking around for such items. Proper Match-making becomes faster and easier.

As a pilot Project, we'll soon begin this service at NCR Cluster. 

Members wishing to sell machines etc. can send list of Equipments, with details, year of make, condition, picture etc. which we'll keep in our records and also upload on website.

In case you wish to sell or rent-out an Industrial Plot or Shed, you may send details of Size, Location, Construction, Connected Powerload etc.


Entrepreneurs wishing to buy or rent-out, can give us list of their requirements. We'll try to guide them to right sources.

There are some businesses looking for complete take-over of running, established units. There are some businesses wishing to sell the complete units due to different reasons.

Let's help and support such match-making so that exit and entry become easier and at fair market prices. Instead of Selling user duress and/or buying at higher prices.


The above services shall be a match-making and introductory service between our Members and Potential buyers, lessees.

To begin with, the b2b Match-making Service shall be FREE for our Registered, Regular Members of IamSMEofIndia. It shall be limited to match-making, coordinating/ facilitating meeting. If required, IamSMEofIndia can also facilitate Credit arrangements, Valuation, Assessment, Restructuring, Due-deligence, Search and other related Services at nominal costs.

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