GEMS to Ornaments

IamSMEofIndia Cordially invites you to

Transforming Gems to Ornaments”

Empowering entrepreneurs to realize their hidden potential and define their roadmap towards a prosperous future!

GEMS- Growing Enterprises from Micro & Small


ORNAMENTS - Organised, Aggressive, Medium Establishments

We give you a day long unique session with specialists who facilitate you in the following topics:

  • Creating awareness on the Business risks in present times, how to identify, minimize and cover the risks.
  • Creating awareness on Lean Manufacturing Program and how it helps SMEs make higher profits even in the times of rising costs.
  • Sharing the innovative finance models and schemes for credit availability.
  • Bringing to the door steps of thousands of MSMEs several institutional & Govt. Support Systems, Opportunities, Subsidies for MSMEs.
  • The industry leaders & top bureaucrats shall provide key insights on the above.
  • The Program has seen HUGE SUCCESS in its previous year as many industries learnt How to make more PROFITS even in times of Rising Costs

Each session involves practical presentations, discussions, intense question-answer rounds and interactions, mentoring and advisory by experts and gurus.


  • How to Identify, Minimise & cover Business Risks
  • How to make more Profits even in times of Rising Costs
  • Innovations in Finance
  • Institutional & Govt. Support Systems, Opportunities, Subsidies & Savings for MSMEs

Join the Movement.... Feel the Pride!

Integrated Association of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises of India (IamSMEofIndia)

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