HUGE SAVINGS on Calibration

HUGE SAVINGS on Calibration of Instruments, Tools and Gauges!

For Members of IamSMEofIndia

Now save Thousands of Rupees, Year after Year!

Periodic Calibration of all Measuring Instruments and gauges is mandatory as well as essential. Every unit which is ISO or TS Certified must get their Instruments calibrated at least once every year.

It is essential to ensure the conformity of our Products.

In case of excessive usage, wear and tear, the frequency for calibration may be more.

Calibrations need to be done by NABL Accredited Laboratories and Testing Facilities. To each manufacturing unit, this a a cost that must be borne year after year.

However, the market rates for calibration are non-standard. Small units are unable to negotiate rates and end up paying much more.

IamSMEofIndia has signed MoU with a fully equipped and NABL Accredited Calibration and Testing Lab for all its members in the NCR (Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Palwal, Ghaziabad).

The rates settled are at huge discounts
(Upto 50% the market rates). We hope this shall further add to the Savings of our member units.

IamSMEofINDIA: The One-stop Solution Center for SMEs, which provides Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable and Ready-made Solutions to save time, energy and costs for small enterprises by achieving economy of scale.

  1. Upto 90% Discount on Fire Insurance of Plant and Machinery/ Stock etc.
  2. Upto 70% Discount on Car/Motors Insurance
  3. MOU between IamSMEofIndia and Federal Bank offers SME Focused Credit Facilities and Banking Services to the Members of IamSMEofIndia across India, including Term Loans, Working Capital (CC Limits), Bills Discounting, Factoring, Non-fund Limits, Home Loans, Vehicle Loans, Education Loans Value-Added Services under the MOU: Credit Counseling, Financial Literacy, Know about the Subsidies Support Schemes and Savings, Know about the various Cluster Development Programs and select the best suited for you, Network with Entrepreneurs and Members of IamSMEofIndia and draw from their experiences and best practices, Avail of various Support Services provided by IamSMEofIndia which brings to you Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable Ready-made Solutions suitable for MSMEs.
  4. Quality Improvement, Cost Reduction, Lean Manufacturing and Profit Enhancement Programme. Financial Support of upto Rs.2.80 lac per Unit
  5. Upto Rs.2.50 lacs subsidy for Product and International Quality Certifications
  6. Training and Placement of Apprentice Engineers in industries
  7. FREE Trainings for Energy Efficiency … Priceless
  8. Sponsored/Subsidized International Trainings in Japan, S.Korea, Germany, France on various topics.
  9.  Linkages for Financial support and Subsidy upto Rs.7.50 crores for Innovative ideas and research jointly with Europe 
  10. Various Business Meetings, Functions, Programmes on different business issues and subjects
  11. Collective Bargains, Collective Construction, Collective buying and selling so that we all save from huge discounts in bulk orders
  12. Best IT Solutions for our members at lowest prices
  13. Regular news and updates on important issues
  14. E- Newsletters and E-Circulars
  15. Individual issues also taken up to appropriate authorizes for solution finding
  16. Solution to Technical Problems, Automation, Challenges etc. through Steinbeis-IamSMEofIndia Centre for Technology and Innovation. Subsidy available in many cases Through our tie-up with Steinbeis Germany. Priceless 
  17. International Exhibitions at highly discounted prices 
  18. Upto 85% Travel Subsidy for International Exhibitions
  19. DUNS No. & Trust Seal
  20. Travel Discounts
  21. Solar Energy: Our tie-up with Bosch brings huge discounts and One-Stop Solution
  22. IMT Faridabad Cluster: Collective designing, construction and equipment purchase is bringing benefits and savings upto lacs
  23. Discounts on Calibration of Instruments etc.
  24. Credit Counseling and Loan Swapping to lower rates of interest
  25. Advice and Facilitation in Payment Recovery
  26. Buy-Sell-Rent Matchmaking of Used Industrial Machinery, Equipment, Spaces, Sheds, Plots etc. amongst the members
New services, facilities, benefits add each passing day…..
Note: The services and details above are indicative and subject to terms and conditions prevalent at the moment and also subject to changes. Some services are restricted and there may be a separate fee or charge and Service Tax. Eligibility Conditions & Selection criterion for each Cluster is defined

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