Rubber Industries- Join the Europe-India

Rubber Industries- Join the Europe-India (EU-IN) Technology Network

Join the EUROPE-INDIA (EU-IN) Technology Network
For Rubber Industries

The Steinbeis – IamSMEofIndia Centre for Technology and Innovation has envisaged the formation of a technology network connecting the Rubber Processing Industries of Faridabad with their European Counterparts. The central idea of this network and this collaboration shall be to improve, technically, up on the pain areas of Rubber Processing such as Tear – Trim, Mould Design and Development, Machine Optimization, De-flashing etc. and through this improved facility, lead to enhanced trade between India and Europe.

IamSMEofIndia, over the years, have been working as a ‘One-Stop’ solution for all the requirements of SMEs in India, primarily the Faridabad cluster. Thus, with Steinbeis Centre for Technology Transfer, India the SITI Centre was set up to provide technology interventions to the industries as needed.

The purpose of the EU-IN Technology Network for Rubber would be to bring together Rubber Industries in India and work for the technical up-gradation of the same. The network would then link the Indian SMEs to clusters in Europe working in the field of Rubber Processing thus leading to enhanced trade and know-how exchange between the two partners.

The project shall be run in phases wherein each phase shall concentrate on a particular area of improvement or development.

Phase I
In the first phase, stress would be laid on improving the process capabilities of Indian SMEs by improving the Mould Design and Development facilities at these units targeting issues like Tear Trim etc.
Improvement focus shall be on – 
  • Study of the state of production facilities
  • Mould material, geometry and design
  • Possible alterations to mould design
  • Raw material processing and compounding
  • Processing condition (Temperature, time and Pressure)
  • Mould Improvement
  • Solutions for problems such as De-flashing
  • Recommendations for improving mould service life
  • Study of possible mould surface treatment methods
  • Our experts from Steinbeis Centre, Aalen, Germany shall be working as well on this project along with Indian Experts
  • Total Phase Duration – 12 – 18 Weeks
  • Total Phase Cost Per Industry (Min. 10 members) –            Rs. 1,00,000/- + Service Tax (@ 12.36%)
  • Support Available from Steinbeis Network – Rs. 50,000/- per Industry ( i.e. 50% support)
  • Net Phase Cost Per Industry – Rs. 50,000/- + Service Tax (@12.36%).
Phase II
The second phase shall focus on process and product improvement for each and every members.
  1. Process Study for the SMEs right from Raw Material entry to packaging and shipment, identifying the key pain areas of the process and how they can be improved upon. 
  2. Based on this process study done by a panel of world-class experts, an action plan strategy shall be laid down for Process and Product Improvements suggested in the report.
  3. Focus shall be laid on – 
  • Automations
  • Man-Machine Optimization
  • Product Design Facilities 
  • Material Handling Capabilities
  • This phase shall be of 24-36 weeks in duration.
  • Individual Techno-Commercial Proposals shall be made to each industries as per the need and desired solutions.
  • Funding support shall be sought as per the recommendations of the Process Study report to fill in the gaps identified.
This phase shall run in tandem with the Lean Cluster Program taken up by IamSMEofIndia.
Phase III
Cluster-to-cluster collaboration with Rubber and other Clusters in Europe leading to enhanced market outreach and Business Development for Exports
  • Technology and Know – How Exchange with Rubber Processing Clusters from Europe.
  • Business Delegations and Direct Marketing Opportunities with European Cluster for enhancement in Euro – India Trade relations.
We are in the process of tie-ups with various international organizations for the same thus, timelines and budget of this phase shall be decided upon registration with the Technology Network.

This phase shall run in tandem with the Exports Cluster Program taken up by IamSMEofIndia.
Please find attached a document listing further details about the activities to be undertaken in this cluster.

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