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Corrosion Losses- Inviting Industries to join the Technology Network for Rusting, Surface Treatment and Painting


* India loses almost 4 % of its GDP only due to corrosion. 
* Our losses due to corrosionare around Rs 1.52 lakh crore every year
* Corrosion losses for the country's small & medium enterprises (SMEs) sector is more than Rs 40,000 crore per annum.

For Faridabad Cluster:
With more than 70% of the 18,000 odd industries in Faridabad Cluster manufacturing Auto-components, Light Engineering Equipments, Heavy Earth-moving Equipments, Fabrication & Forging industry and with 55% of these SMEs in supply chain of Large OEMs, Corrosion prevention is of critical importance.

It is estimated that thousands of crores rupees are spent every year on general maintenance in industries due to poor quality of coatings and processes adopted. The losses due to components and spared supplied without proper surface coating are many time more.

Huge saving Potential:
Around half of India's corrosion losses, amounting to between Rs 75,000 crore and Rs 80,000 crore, could be saved annually by proper monitoring, timely evaluation and mitigation provisions.

Therefore, SURFACE PREPARATION, TREATMENT & COATING is a fast Growing Industry

Surface preparation and coating is NOT limited to metals only but equally importance for other materials like plastics, composites, concrete, Wood and any such material which are used is excessive ambience, need aesthetic looks, excellent finish due to application. 

Although a high degree of knowledge and expertise on corrosion related issues is available in country, this is confined to certain pockets and areas and the Industry is either unaware or unmindful of the magnitude of losses caused due to corrosion on the plant, machinery and equipment employed. 

Indian Perspective
Though industrialization has set in India long time, we still lag behind in using better technologies and superior finishes for protection of material and there is large scope for increase in business and widening horizons in this field.

The Steinbeis – IamSMEofIndia Centre for Technology and Innovation, Faridabad (SITI) offers a solution to prepare world class surface preparation/finishing for fabrication of Machines and Machine / Auto – Components to enhance the quality-

"The Technology Network for Rusting, Surface Treatment and Painting"

Open for Industries in Delhi, Faridabad, Palwal, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad Region-

Proposed Methodology:
Site Visit:
Team of experts from Steinbeis Centre For Technology Transfer India and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay will visit the units (as per requirement) to understand current processes & practices followed in surface preparation as well as overall painting quality.
Based on site visit, they shall identify suitable technology (process / product) and specification required to improve the surface quality.
Demonstration, Monitoring and Verification:
Based on the recommendations, trials shall be undertaken in presence of Steinbeis Consultants. After successful trials at identified work centres, the product would be tested and certified at NABL Certified laboratory to ensure the product quality as per the requirements of the large OEM’s. Thereafter large OEM’s can also be invited to witness the improvement in finishing of these parts.
Capacity Building on Surface Preparation:
The capacity building program will be conducted at Faridabad covering benchmarking of material specification for various thickness of sheets and operational practices to be followed to sustain surface finishing.
Project Cost: 
Cost is highly subsidized.
Industry contribution for the project will be only Rs. 20,000/- + service tax (@12.36%)

(This service is currently on hold) 

For further details, contact:
Steinbeis IamSMEofIndia Center for Technology & Innovation
Plot No. 66, Sector 27A, Faridabad-121003, Haryana, India
Email : Nikhil Churamani ; Mob:. +91-8826639488
Email :. ; Mob:. +91-9711123111

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