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Industry Integrated Training and Placement Program for Engineers (IITPP)

When we hire fresh engineers for our industries, they are often found unemployable for Industries- Old, Outdated curriculum, No industry shop-floor experience, traditional projects cut-copy-paste. They are bright, talented and good youngsters, but not properly trained.

Major reasons are that Engineering colleges often work in isolation, in remote areas, sometimes ZERO interaction with industries, and their students get only pilgrimage trips to some industries in the name of industry-exposure. Internships and summer training in large corporate gets them an exposure limited to exhibitions and site visits.

It takes the industry months to train them in aspects and skills important and critical for us. And then pay them too (nothing wrong, except that when they leave after say 1 or 2 years, the entire investment of time, energy and money is lost.) SMEs cannot ill-afford this loss.

So we, as the largest group of SMEs and industries, collectively decided that we shall only hire those engineers whom we have trained ourselves, while they are still in college and started the Industry Integrated Training and Placement Program for Engineers (IITPP).

We sign MoUs with Engineering Colleges to train and employ their students. We've developed a reality based Curriculum according to the actual requirements of the industry. We train these students on their Campuses, over and above their regular curriculum, give them real industry projects and shop-floor experiences. These students gain skills and confidence of industries as we certify their additional skills.

We offer Employment Guarantee to students who successfully complete the Training. The students completing the IITPP are found to be much more skilled than any other comparable batch from similar colleges. Needless to say, they'll not only be immediately placed but shall be placed at much better packages than their counterparts.
We are only trying to integrate Academia with Industry.

Transforming Engineering Colleges into Industry Colleges...

Our aim is to fill all the gaps, provide holistic training to ensure our participants are 'Industry-ready' and also arrange right placements. It is only the Placement that is ultimately our Test. We must make students worthy of employment and arrange a job too, at package which is a cut above the rest.
Industry Integrated Training and Placement Program for Engineers (IITPP) by IamSMEofIndia
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