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Episode-1, Season-1
Managing Growth in Turbulent Times For Manufacturers.
  • Business Growth Strategy
  • Expand/Explore Exports
  • Cover Business Risks
  • Subsidies and Grants
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia
Episode-2, Season-1
What is MSME, its Support Systems and Subsidies available?
  • What is MSME in India
  • Support Systems for MSMEs in India
  • What is Credit Linked Capital Subsidy?
  • How MSMEs can Avail of the 15% Subsidy upto Rs.15 lakhs?
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia
Episode-3, Season-1
Recover Stuck and Delayed Payments.
  • How to Recover Stuck and Delayed Payments
  • Process to follow for Recovery of Stuck Payments
  • Various Agencies involved in Payment Recovery
  • Laws for Payment Recovery
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia
Episode-4, Season-1
Grants, Support , Incentives and Subsidies for MSMEs and Businesses in Haryana
  • How to avail 2% Interest Subsidy on Business Loans?
  • Grants and Support for Businesses
  • Incentives available for MSMEs
  • Subsidies available for MSMEs and Businesses
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia
Episode-5, Season-1
All About Business Loans.
  • How, When, Where and to Whom to apply for Loans?
  • How to Choose your Bank, NBFC, Lending Institution?
  • What are the Special Schemes or Subsidies for MSMEs?
  • How to get loan Collateral-Free Loans?
  • What is the present lowest Rate of Interest? Do’s and Don’ts?
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia
Episode-6, Season-1
All About Exports.
  • What every Entrepreneur must know about Exports?
  • Know all about How to Export?
  • How to find and develop Markets?
  • What are the Special Schemes for MSMEs to increase Exports?
  • What are the various Export Incentives? Do’s and Don’ts
  • Benefits of IamSMEofIndia