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When we hear about the exhibitions or trade shows, you are one among others investing for a place in it. If you are experienced enough, then you know it is altogether a different approach for sales.  These shows require refine and unique skills to promote your business. If you nail the sales pitch quite sprightly & uniquely, then for sure it will bring more business to your company.

Few tips which can help you to move rapidly.

  1. Steal the show with some marketing stunts:

It is commonly seen that people will just look at your stall and walk away. So what you need to do?

You should do something entertaining which will grab the crowd’s and your prospect’s attention, like one can set up a remote control hot air balloon which will revolve around the exhibition hall showing your company’s stall number.

You can also indulge with your audience with some fun activities or games like Bow & Arrow, where if someone hits the Bull’s Eye he will get a 10% discount coupon for your product or services. You can apply similar unique marketing stunts which will bring more people to your stall and will help you to promote your business in an effective way. This will definitely leave a lasting impression of your company on your prospects and they will remember you for a long period of time.

  1. Invest In Automation

In today’s era, we know that business to business is changing very quickly. While your competitors are busy filling the papers, you need to invest in automation.

We need to adapt the change first to make a change. To convert a lead into a sale, you need to bring the robotic methods for the customer data acquisition. Hence, Investing in automation software is an absolute must.

35-50% of sales goes to the company that responds first.

Keep IPAD or Tablet standee & ensure that everyone approaches you should fill their details in it. It will help you to get your customer data centralized and prevent the lead leakage. Once they fill the form, your automation software should send

1. Welcome Email.

2. Welcome SMS.

3. Digital visiting of the contact person.

4. Digital Company Brochure.

While your competitors are busy in getting their papers sorted, you are already on your customer’s phone. This will keep you one step ahead from your contenders.

  1. Advanced Follow-Up Strategy

Automation will make data centralized and secure for you, but that is not everything we need. You need to be more connected with the people. Only frequent follow-ups will help you to make a prospect your buyer. We need to contact the customer at regular intervals so that we can convert it into sales.

80% of the sale happens after the follow-ups.

Your company should have a detailed strategized follow-up system, that can again be done through automation software, the process should be-

Day 1- Company details, achievements, journey so far (let them peep in)

Day 2- Product list, Details, FAQ’s, what ultimate value they will receive.

Day4- Case studies, results & ROI from your products and services.

Day6- Resend your core offer with strategic questionnaire.

And so on, one can follow up their leads for months sending them a reminder mail every month.

  1. Refine your engagement techniques

After getting the leads, your company should be able to deeply engage with the prospect.

It’s the right time to show them how committed and professional you are. When you are running, your email campaigns, your website should be enabled with Google and Facebook pixels so that you can apply Remarketing strategies for the prospects who land on your website following your email links.

You can target them through Facebook, YouTube and other websites by showing company’s videos, and even run some discount or offers specifically to those who visited your stall..

Moreover, the automation software you invested in will help you to identify the hot leads. These software’s will mark them interested and notify the sales team to call them immediately so they can make prospect understand the true value of your product or service.

In this feast or famine environment, you need to engage with them & talk to them because they really matter as they are the genuine buyers. Equally, you should have a strategy to explain to them how good you are from your competitors. What’s new you can offer them?

  1. Unexpected Delight:

It is not always about you promoting your product, it is also about your prospects. So we should equip them with proper knowledge and trends of the market. Our marketing goal should always be customer-centric.

Imagine you are one of the Exhibitors in a Property exhibition, after getting a lead, you should nurture your lead with informative e-mails such as

  • 5 Documents you need to check while buying a Property.
  • 10 things to check before buying a flat.

It will carve an expert image of the company in your prospect’s mind and will help you to gain trust and belief of potential buyers. They should feel that they have progressed after the interaction.

Use some unique strategies like On-Stall-One-Time-Discount, give away merchandise with your company name on it or sending them goodies and greeting messages on their birthday, the list goes on according to your company’s budget.

Most Importantly- Enjoy with your team, be friendly to your prospect, share a joke, Smile, make a note of specific requirement of every customer, so that you can follow up with them later with the same, which will make them feel important. These types of friendly and professional communication will definitely boost your sales and company reputation.

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