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MOM EVA Meeting North admin March 31, 2023

MOM EVA Meeting North

Minutes of the Meeting
Endurance Vendors (North)

held on
24th February'23

Radisson Blu, Faridabad

To Vendors of Endurance (Pant Nagar Plant)

Dear friend,

We are pleased to share the Minutes of the Meeting of the Vendors of Endurance (North) held on:
Date: 24th February'23, Friday
Time: 11.30 am to 1.30 pm
Venue: Radisson Blu, Sector 20, Faridabad

Senior Team from Endurance Pant Nagar Plant and from Endurance Corporate/ Head office was present to 
discuss the following:

1. Progress regarding creation of formal body for Endurance Vendors Association, a Section 8 Company
2. Explaining the Membership Process, Role of the body and other related questions
3. Share the new steps and policies introduced by Endurance
4. Share the various activities between Endurance and it's Vendors in the last 6 months
5. Discuss and resolve the issues of the Vendors and minimise the Interface losses
6. Many other points, suggestions from the Vendors

Minutes attached below.
With warm regards,

Rajiv Chawla
Vice President (North)
Endurance Vendors' Association

MOM / Action Points: - EVA Pantnagar Cluster Meeting (24th Feb 23) at Radisson Blue, Faridabad
Supplier side EVA MC members Present: - Mr. Rajiv Chawla   
Endurance side members present: - Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Mr. Animesh Kumar, Mr. Atul Khoche, Mr. Ravi Nawkar, Mr. Dinesh De, Mr. Sandeep Anand, Mr. Vikas Narwade, Mr. Dheeraj Mittal, Mr. Vikrant Singh, Mr. Manjit Singh & Mr. Vivek Soni 
Vendor members invited: – 38, Vendor members present: - 24 (refer attached list for details)  
Please note key action point as below,

  1. SPOCs (Mr. Nawkar and Sandeep Anand) presented interface issues being faced by their plants and appealed suppliers to act for improvement. Subsequent to Plant side presentation Mr. Atul Khoche explained new EVA functioning procedure and summarized ETL concerns and common issues being faced by all plants, accordingly prioritized issues mentioned in table below will be taken for improvement
Issue no. 1 to 6 are common as taken for improvement in Aurangabad cluster meeting, two additional issues no. 7 & 8 taken for Pantnagar cluster.  
SN Issue / Action point Base line ( Apr 22 to Jan 23) to be provided by ETL SPOC Vendor side member to drive  ETL side member  Remark
1 Reduction in segregation incidences for repeated defects    Mr. Kharade Plant SPOC SPOC to provide Avg. no of incidences and names of top 20 vendors to act upon 
2 Effective implementation of Q gate for prevention of out flow    Mr. Prasad Kokil Plant SPOC SPOC to provide current status and vendor names where Q gate required or to be strengthened 
3 Maintaining defined minimum level of Finished Goods stock   Mr. Sangneria Plant SPOC SPOC to provide no of vendors maintaining  and names of defaulter vendors  
4 Timely closure of QFR ( Quality Feedback Report) thru Vendor Portal     Mr. Kandakure SQA- Mr. Bhalerao SQA to provide current closure status and names of defaulters
5 Adherence to defined standard packaging   Mr. --- Mr. P Upadhye, Mr, S Muley SPOC to provide no of vendors adhering  and names of defaulter vendors to sourcing   
6 Reduction in vehicle turnaround time    ‘-- Plant head and Plant SPOC ETL plant heads to provide data to SPOC and action plan to improve
7 Reduction in contamination of Seat Pipe for ETL Pantnagar   ---- Plant QA,  SQA & Sourcing ETL will identify the suppliers and take jointly actions with suppliers
8 Reduction in rework (opening) of shock absorber due to BOP parts for ETL Pantnagar   ---- Plant QA,  SQA & Sourcing ETL will identify the contributing parts and take jointly actions with suppliers
Please note rest action and discussion points as below, 
  1. Mr. Rajiv Chawla, Exe. Vice President, EVA (North region) opened the meeting with well come address and appeal for participation by all invited supplier members. He also urged to expedite registration as EVA member. He also thanked ETL for amendment in penalty guideline for shortages.
  2. EVA coordinator. Atul Khoche gave brief detailing of Aurangabad cluster meeting w and EVA MC meeting with MD, he also explained the objective of meeting. He explained newly formed procedure for EVA functioning along with EVA MC and EC structure. He also introduced ETL CBU wise Singe point of contacts (SPOC) Mr. Animesh Kumar and Mr. Ravi Nawkar 
  3. CBUH Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal thanked supplier members joining for meeting and asked to make it fruitful and effective by active participation. He asked suppliers to focus on capacity utilization, cost saving & quality improvement. He also asked suppliers to work jointly with ETL for “zero opening of shock absorber due to BOP parts”.  
  4. Mr. Sandeep Anand presented ETL case study on “Cannot pass to Cannot produce” and appealed suppliers to follow similar approach in your factory
  5. During open forum discussions suppliers raised following issues for resolution, 
  1. Q: - Mr. Vipin Chawla (M/s Jairaj)- Current practice of separate invoice for each part leading to printing and handling of hundreds of invoices per day which in turn leads to mistake from transporter and also there is cost and environmental impact (specially for ETL Pantnagar). He asked for multiple parts in one invoice, which has been started by E92 on trial basis
A: - CBUH accepted this as area of improvement. Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal informed that it will be done after internal discussion.   
  1. Q: - Mr. Amit bhalla (M/s BTL) raised the concern of no lifting of B105 model springs although was manufactured against confirmed schedule.  
A: - CBUH Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal informed that this was newly developed model but did not materialized by customer and many parts of ETL are also lying, matter has been taken with customer liquidation of stock, Customer reply is awaited
  1. Q: - Mr. Amit bhalla (M/s BTL) raised the concern of different Pin Code on GST & PO address of ETL Pantnagar.   
A: - CBUH Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal replied that this has been already resolved, same concern was raised by other suppliers too. 
  1. Q: - Mr. Sahil Sharma (M/s Nice Steel) raised the concern of no information of change in schedule from ETL Sanand.    
A: - CBUH Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal replied that this will be resolved on priority.  
  1. Q: - Mr. Vipin Chawla (M/s Jairaj) raised the concern of no drawing revised for mass production even though deviation was accepted at the time of feasibility by VCD during development. 
A: - CBUH Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal & Mr. Atul Khoche accepted the concern & suggested suppliers to take amended drawing before start of mass supplies.   
  1. Q: - Mr. Rajiv Gupta asked suggestion for lot wise traceability on castings since now month wise traceability via calendar mark 
A: - ETL plant to confirm feasibility of date wise / lot wise traceability 
  1. Mr. Atul Khoche informed the key actions taken by ETL for concerns raised in EVA MC meeting with MD dated 3rd Oct 22. Key actions completed are i) Guidelines for segregation of BOPs ii) Availability of debit note details on vendor portal iii) exclusion of low weight parts from short receipt penalty iv) Appointment of SPOC and instructions to accounts to expedite payment of supplementary bills. Mr. Rajiv Chawla acknowledged these actions.
  2. Mr. Rajiv Chawla informed that concern government authorities has approved name EVA- Endurance vendors association and memorandum being processed. Once memorandum registered bank account shall be opened.

At last Mr. Danish Gandhi concluded with EVA side commitment to work upon common issues as well as to take up with non responding vendors for Endurance upgradation initiatives like Vendor rating improvement, Vendor side TPM, Compliance to environmental requirements, Compliance to Must facility etc.  
Next meeting of Aurangabad cluster will be planned in May 23  

Click here to Read and Download the MoM

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