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Special Incentives announced for Textile & Apparel units in Haryana admin July 28, 2023

Special Incentives announced for Textile & Apparel units in Haryana

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Textile Sector/ Textile Enterprises
which are located in Haryana and engaged in various value chain activities of the industry such as Ginning & Pressing, Spinning, Recycled PS manufacturing, Weaving, Tufting, Dyeing & Processing, Technical textiles (including non-woven), Knitting, Garment/Made-ups/ Apparels, Machine Carpeting, Extruding, Machine Embroidery and any other activities/process like crimping, texturizing, twisting, winding, sizing etc. and Textile machine manufacturing

Many financial incentives and subsidies are available for these units for their expansion and modernisation.

These amazing incentives are available w.e.f 22.12.2022 and run into crores per unit.

At a glance:
•To set up ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge), incentive of 40 to 75% of the cost upto Rs.10 crore
• To install ETP, Incentive of 75% upto Rs.1.0 crore
• To set up Solar Plant, incentive of 30-50% upto Rs.50 lakhs
• Interest Subsidy on Term Loans: 6 to 7% upto Rs.50 lakhs every year for 7 years
• Interest Subsidy of 6% upto Rs.40 lakhs for Textile Machinery units
• Reimbursement of 75% on Fire Insurance Premium upto Rs.10 lakh, every year 
• Plus: Capital Investment subsidy via refund of State’s Share of GST
• Plus 50% contribution upto Rs.10 crore to set up Skill Center to train workforce for Textile Sector
90% Contribution upto Rs.10 crore for Common Facility Center for group of MSMEs
• Plus, Various Incentives for Private Industrial Infra Developers to set up Textile Parks

In addition to above, approx. more than   30 other incentives are also available like reimbursement of 50% cost of Testing equipment upto Rs.20 lakhs every year, Rs.5 lakhs for International Exhibitions every year, Upto Rs.50 Lakhs for Water Conservation, Upto Rs.10 lakhs for Safety Equipment and many, many more incentives. These 30+ Incentives are for ALL SECTORS OF INDUSTRIES which are Micro, Small and Medium. Large and Mega Projects for various Sectors also get Special Incentives in Haryana.

Our flagship program called  GAPS (Growth Acceleration Program for Small Businesses)  provides complete Guidance, Support, Handholding and Trainings for implementation of “The 9 Pillars of Excellence” for all Industries  and links them to hundreds of financial incentives and subsidies available in the ecosystem through various Institutions. The right implementation and timely availability of Incentives & Subsidies act like Growth Hormones and Energy Boosters.

In short, GAPS is a One-stop Program  that provides Tried, Tested, Credible, Affordable, Readymade, Guaranteed Solutions so that entrepreneurs save their Time, Energy and Money.

To know more and to avail of the above incentives, please feel free to contact:
Sector 11, Mathura Road, Faridabad 
Ph: 9711123111


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